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The RackPeace is a rack for smartphones & small pads, designed for great comfort and accessibility. Support this project by getting your own RackPeace.


Convenience Rack

The RackPeace is a stand for smartphones and small tablet computers of up to 6 inches.
Prop up your device at variable angles for convenient viewing and hands free operation.

When you prop up your smart device, you enhance your overview of the device and your reach to its rich set of features and apps. Rarely or never used functions and apps become more apparent and accessible, and chances of integrating them into your all-day workflow are increased.

Right and front side view of the RackPeace


Feature-Packed Piece

The RackPeace is a rack with thought through features.

  • The RackPeace is independent of brand/make and fits any smartphone or small tablet. It has a high and wide tray that allows you to place your smart device at a convenient viewing height and at variable viewing angles, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Its surface around a hard material core, is made from thick, robust and sturdy skateboard wheel rubber for an ideal grip on the table and for your device's great grip on the RackPeace.
  • The deep crease in the middle fits any current and future charger jack designs and accommodates any kind of device cables with enough space to suit even thick or stiff cables.
  • You can keep using the RackPeace when your device is wired and cables can be plugged from the top, the side, front or rear whether it is the charging cable, headset, audio or data cable.
  • The structure of the RackPeace with its pillar fingers, the corrugated tray with stopper nobbles, and the stretched bottom rim in the back, shifts the balance point of the posted smart device to the outer edge of the RackPeace giving your smart device great grip and stability when working on its touchscreen.
  • The rubber material of the RackPeace is sturdy, tough and long lasting. Its surface can be easily cleaned and keeps its neat appearance for a very long time.
  • The rubber material prevents your device’s sensitive surface from being scratched. Placing your device on the RackPeace, instead of laying it on the table top, protects it from scratches or even accidental liquid spills.
  • Because the RackPeace doesn’t have any wired connections, there is no need to plug or unplug it before re-locating.
  • The RackPeace has a 1/4"-­20 mounting thread at the bottom center, to use your smartphone or tablet with any standard tripod for occasional filming, presentation, picture taking or creating panoramic photos, etc.



The RackPeace has an elegant design and aesthetic appearance that fits well into any location, especially the home or office. The RackPeace can also be used in places such as a coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, library, or in transportation means such as a train or plane. It looks good in the living room, kitchen, workshop, on reception counters, cafe & restaurant tables, hotel night tables, and so on.


Color Variations

The base material is made of an off-white-colored rubber. Alternatively, one can choose a color variation in black or gray. Due to minimum manufacturing quantities of 1,000 pieces per color, the alternative colors can only be manufactured when enough pledges come in for them. Otherwise, pledges will receive the RackPeace in the base color of off-white.

How do I choose my color ?
At the end of the campaign, you receive an email with a link to the color selection page. There we'll probably already know which colors will be available already.



  • Specialized to your home’s decor
  • Personalized for your friends & clients
  • Individually branded for your business
  • Customized advertising gift

For small quantities customized stickers
are ideal. I've setup a blog post at with more info, links to online print services and demo videos on how to customize stickers. Direct printing on the RackPeace is possible too, but only feasible for bulk quantities.



Dimensions: inches: 2.7 x 2.9 x 5.4 / mm: 70 x 74 x 136
Weight: ca. ½ pound / ca. 220g
Material: Polyurethane Compound, PP or PC Core



The RackPeace is ready for final production. Multiple series of prototypes have been built to test and verify the stand’s design characteristics such as dimensions, stability, material sturdiness, ergonomics and usage suitability.

Several eligible manufacturers in China have been identified and pre-checked on multiple criteria. Discussions have been held at length and product details have been exchanged. The quotes from these manufacturers for tooling, item production, packaging and gift box production as well as on-device printing have been received.

Once the campaign has been successful, the lead time for the tooling is 30 days and the lead time for actual manufacturing is another 30 days. Then it's safe to add 2 weeks for shipping and handling via Shipwire. If all goes as planned, you will be holding your RackPeace in your hands about 3 months after the campaign ends.



Due to manufacturing, copyright or processing necessities, the final product and packaging may have differences to the simulated versions and prototype for example as following:

• Due to copyright differences between media and item production, the logo for the RackPeace is being updated, and this is how the new logo probably looks.

• The final material’s off-white color may differ in reality to the pictures and movies due to the difference between simulation and real product. Over time, white rubber colors can change giving it a more natural tone.

• The lettering and logo will be embossed on the rear of the RackPeace.

• A fine beveling is planned to run around all edges, like it is at the bottom.



What’s so amazing about crowd funding is that it is changing the world. Working out an initial idea and presenting it to the public for funding has never been this way before. Indiegogo's approach of international crowd funding with fixed or flexible funding methods fits to so many more cases. For idea developers this is an ideal platform: work out the idea, present it to a community, prove that there is demand, build the right relationships for manufacturing and shipping, and if the campaign is successful, create the product and deliver it to the people.



To keep shipping distances and costs low, RackPeaces will be imported to multiple local warehouse centers in the U.S., Canda, Europe and Asia.  Please note, shipping costs should NOT be part of your pledge. We'll inform you of your shipping costs after production of the RackPeace. Click to enlarge the example matrix of shipping costs on the right, so you have an idea for your destination.

You've may been wondering about the RackPeace bulk sizes of 48, 96, 240 pieces, instead of for 50, 100, 250 pieces. This is because adding those additional pieces, disproportionally scales packing and would cause higher shipping costs for all items in the shipment.



A deductible invoice for your pledge will be enclosed to your shipment. Local sales taxes and / or VAT may occur, which we’d email you for payment, so we can prepare your order accordingly.


Funding Use

The funding proceeds will be used for production costs including tooling, manufacturing and packaging. Additionally, the funds will be used for shipping to and storing at the fulfillment centers, customs duties, taxes and all other related costs.

The RackPeace has been developed with the highest quality standards in mind. The prototype has been finalized and the requirements established with the manufacturers and order fulfillers. Now your help is needed to achieve the funds necessary to start the production. Indiegogo pledgers will receive the RackPeace ahead and at a lower price than retail, and will be eligible for later Special Pledger Offers at


Press & Media

List in progress and to be updated.


To You

Thank you for checking out the campaign. The RackPeace is a labor of heart. In my little atelier I’m passionate about bringing ideas to life. I design material or immaterial items, create visualization, build prototypes, research and source and set up funding campaigns. It was a great time working through the RackPeace project with lots of fun and inspirations from many sides, which I hope will be transmitted to you when using your RackPeace.


Spread the Word

Please help to spread the word. In our online world using social networking to share a campaign has enabled developers like never before to approach and inspire people.

Please take a moment and use the social links below to share the RackPeace campaign with your friends. That would tremendously help this project to succeed.

Thank you

Audio Comment Dimitri

by Frank on Sat, Jun 15 2013 16:42:57
Audio Comment Dimitri


by Frank on Sat, Jun 15 2013 16:46:03
Being updated



by Frank on Sat, Jun 15 2013 15:49:00

Smartphones and tablets are great and fast document scanners. Shoot a picture and you’re done. Keep your device still with the RackPeace for 100% sharp images and for convenient adjusting the cam to the item to be scanned. More ...

Scratch Protection

by Frank on Sat, Jun 15 2013 15:47:42

Most scratches on device surfaces come from hard dust particles on the table. Particularly annoying are scratches on the front glass. Use the RackPeace to prop up your devices so their surfaces will be protected from abrasion which can be caused by laying more ...

Front Cam Shooting

by Frank on Sat, Jun 15 2013 15:41:22

Using the front camera of smartphones or tablets, has the advantage of checking your pose live on the devices screen when shooting. The RackPeace is ideal to position your device for occasional front cam shooting. Another cool thing with front cam more ...